Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Filed criminal complaint for 'circumcision'

I filed a criminal complaint regarding the removal of part of my penis!  I went to the website for the Sheriff's office in the county that I was born, downloaded a "Voluntary Statement Form," completed it, scanned it and e-mailed it.  YES, I DID!  And, they sent back a case number!

Yes, I'm betting there are going to be many people that will laugh.  That's fine, every person in history that challenged a popular belief was laughed at.

This is what I said:
"Sometime between {birthdate} and {8 days later}, a part of my penis was removed without a medical indication at the {hospital} where I was born.  I consider this to be a sexual assault and battery with a deadly weapon."

Am I hoping to win a financial settlement?  This was not a civil case that was filed, thus, no.  Besides, I'm pretty sure we are well past the statute of limitations.

Am I hoping someone will get arrested?  Gosh, no.  However, if the doctor is still alive, I would request that the doctor make a public statement against the procedure.

So, what am I hoping for?  I am hoping that it will get attention.  I am hoping the news media may decide to make a story out of it.  I am hoping that the hospital administrator(s) and maybe even some doctors hear about it.  They may laugh and joke, but, the next time they chose to cut off a part of a baby's genitalia, I bet they will be thinking about me.

Note my selection of words.  I didn't even use the word "circumcision" because that would give it credence as a medical procedure.  I didn't identify that it was a doctor that did it, either, because that wouldn't make it any more OK.

If you're curious, there is this well known case of a man that did win a settlement:
This link no longer works:
This is an interview of William Stowell, the person that was covered by the story:

And, here's a story of a lawyer that has been fighting a "war on circumcision:"

Another lawyer that takes "circumcision" cases:  David J Llewellyn

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